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CoinDesk was founded by Shakil Khan who is a famous angel investor. CoinDesk is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency news sites. They started publishing the latest news about Bitcoin, digital currency, and the entire encryption ecosystem in May 2013. CoinDesk provides an in-depth understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain, with the rapid development of digital currency. Today we will introduce you some features of CoinDesk.

In this site, you can learn a lot about the basics of Bitcoin, blockchain, and Ethereum, which is very helpful for beginners.

The news about cryptocurrency and blockchain is updated every day, which including the use of blockchain technology on encrypted wallets. The attitudes of different countries, enterprises and the public on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The impact of technology innovations and applications on cryptocurrency transaction costs.

News about Bitcoin prices, trends, and other investor attitudes toward Bitcoin. The impact of the exchange's relevant policies or decisions on the cryptocurrency. The impact of blockchain technology in the banking, healthcare, insurance, and other industries. Impact of policies or regulations on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in some countries or regions.

CoinDesk also has a powerful database that includes a lot of content, such as the development status of blockchains in different quarters, ICO project data, and various index data for cryptocurrency analysis.

Advance notices of webinars and large-scale event schedules, brief introductions to large-scale events, and predictions of possible impacts on activities, but this part of the content is required to be registered.

It is worth noting that on the right side of its homepage, there is a data monitoring chart. You can learn the daily starting price, the highest price and the lowest price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP. It is very helpful for investors who want to grasp cryptographic currency price.

CoinDesk is a very high ranking website with a lot of traffic, which can meet visitor's need, whether it is a beginner or an investor who already has a certain theoretical foundation. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency news sites, just check out Media Review.


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