CoinCap Review: Offers Real-Time Data on Cryptocurrencies

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CoinCap is a leading cryptocurrency site that offers real-time data on 1479 cryptocurrencies. A user-friendly interface that gives users real-time prices for cryptocurrencies, and of course you can buy and sell certain cryptocurrencies. Under the "trade" column, marked "sell/buy" indicates that this cryptocurrency can be traded on this platform supported by ShapeShift.


User Interface

The homepage of CoinCap lists current value in dollars, you can also set it to another currency,  market cap, 24-hour volume, available supply as well as historical charts for easier viewing. The red data represents the decline, and the green data represents the rise.


Compatible with


Supported 21 kinds of languages

Supported multiple currencies as a unit of measure


The main feature of the app

  • Users can create daily, weekly or monthly price changes or updated push notifications for the selected altcoin or the entire portfolio via the "Alert Manager".
  • Users can manage Bitcoin and altcoin by creating up to three separate digital asset portfolios.
  • The app provides real-time updates as coin markets rise and fall. Users can see a ranking of all cryptocurrencies by market cap or trade volume, and view details of specific coins.
  • Users can directly buy or sell coins supported by ShapeShift.


Pros and Cons


  • There are many types of cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to use for the beginner
  • High security and privacy
  • Directly buy and sell the cryptocurrency supported by ShapeShift
  • Support multiple languages


  • No details of the company
  • Data graph can't see data at a specific time

CoinCap in addition to providing real-time price data for cryptocurrencies, you can also see a lot of news about cryptocurrencies. After logging in, you can also use the CoinCap API. If you like to use mobile devices, you can also download the app for free which supports Android and iOS.


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