CoinDelite Review: A Delightful Media Channel

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Founded in September 2017, CoinDelite is the most delightful media channel, offering you the latest and new trends, deals and questions about the world of crypto. Check for updated ICO lists, real-time cryptocurrency chart, information cryptocurrency and real-time market data. The best thing about the CoinDelite platform is that all the data is updated in real time. All the latest market prices, reviews, and news about the world of cryptocurrencies are presented in a user-friendly way with over 200K of traffic per month.


User Interface

When you enter the CoinDelite homepage, you will find that the home page covers all the information you want to know about the blockchain. The current price of mainstream Coin, the latest Bitcoin news, the upcoming blockchain event, and the current hot ICOs. All sections are placed on the one page, which is very convenient.

Price Charts

CoinDelite provides reliable cryptocurrency price charts and real-time cryptocurrency prices.

ICO List

CoinDelite brings us some of the best ICOs they think are in 2018. Upcoming ICOs of 2018, Ongoing ICOs and the past ICOs. This list is regularly updated by the project owner and the CoinDelite team to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. You can click on each ICO to get more details on the project.

CoinDelite’s evaluation algorithm uses more than 30 different criteria on which each ICO can earn more than 20 points. Combine the professional advice given by independent experts. Finally, give each ICO rating.


Here you can also find the latest bitcoin news updates, ICO news, and the upcoming cryptocurrency platform. Update blockchain technology and the latest events in Bitcoin regulations. Compare the prices of different cryptocurrencies and learn about the upcoming encryption company.


For start-ups, even for existing crypto and blockchain projects, there is a rule that they can use CoinDelite's advertising services to sell products and features at very affordable prices.

These advertising services include ongoing, upcoming, and past ICOs, exchanges, wallets, or any other blockchain related products.

Submit ICO

As same as other sites, if you want to list your ICO, you will need to fill out a detailed form to provide key information about your project.

  • Email
  • Project Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Whitepaper Link
  • ICO Round
  • Token Abbreviation
  • Project Website
  • Listing Option
  • KYC/Whitelisting (Yes/No)
  • Description
  • Social Media Detail


Submit Press Releases

What's amazing is that you can post your own press release on CoinDelite. Note that inappropriate or fraudulent press releases will not be published. In case your press release is rejected, CoinDelite will offer a refund on the amount paid. it can help you gain exposure for your business.

Submit Event

You can even submit an upcoming Event to attract investors' attention. Similarly, a form needs to be filled out and CoinDelite will review it.

ICO Marketing Packages

Advertise your ICO with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins or some part in Crypto token. This is a fee-based project, and CoinDelite offers a variety of packages to interested developers to promote the ICO project.


Main Features

Comprehensive: CoinDelite is more than just a coin price website or an ICO calendar. Their information covers all aspects of a coin.

Convenience: In the past, you might need to open a different website to get information, but at CoinDelite you can learn all about the blockchain.

Easy to use: Obviously, CoinDelite has no threshold for users, and anyone can easily use it.

Subscription: Interested users can subscribe to receive real-time notifications and alerts to update the latest currency pricing, real-time bitcoin, and altcoin exchange rates.

Tools: The CoinDelite platform also provides tools such as a crypto calculator to help you get help with cryptocurrency exchange rates and real-time cryptocurrency transactions.



CoinDelite is a comprehensive information website based on cryptocurrency. It provides you with the latest and new trends, deals and questions about the world of crypto. It is rare that they have brought such a huge amount of information to users in the course of one year. Although CoinDelite is not among the best in terms of popularity and traffic, it is only a matter of time.


What do you think about CoinDelite? Please leave your comments, questions or?suggestions below. Thanks for reading, check out our site for more great reviews and guides!!


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