CoinSpectator Review: Useful News Aggregator

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Originally released as a blog in 2013, CoinSpectator has grown into a real-time news aggregator that allows traders, investors, and enthusiasts to monitor the crypto industry with simple real-time data.

With thousands of crypto, blockchain and mainstream news sources, popularity rankings, community voting and ICO catalogs, CoinSpectator can quickly respond to market sentiment and volatility.

It is more like an auxiliary tool for ICO calendar. Up to now, 40K news pieces, 12K articles, 11K Project, 85K discussion topics, and 15K influencer comments have been uploaded on this site.

User Interface

After entering the site, the first thing that draws our attention is the smooth, minimalist dark interface, which is not only easy to read, but also informative.

They divided the site into two parts. Part of it is News Aggregator, you can find the latest cryptocurrency news in real time through the news aggregation of CoinSpectator. Users will appreciate sleek design, filters, and powerful search capabilities. Combined with these features, you can quickly find the type of news you are looking for. After reviewing the news you are thanking, you can also vote on this news as "Bullish", "Bearish", "Shilling", or "Fud". This allows you to express how you feel about each story. To vote on headlines, you must create a free account, though you can view other users’ votes without being logged in. If a lot of news dazzles you, you can use the filter and find what you are interested in.

The other part is the ICO calendar we are familiar with. Like other similar sites, you can check out some ongoing ICO projects, or you can go back to the ICO project that is over. Of course, if you are a strategic investor, you can check out some of the upcoming ICOs. In addition, CoinSpectator innovatively gives a list of Scams, you can't see such a classification in many mainstream ICO calendars.

Click into an ICO and you can see a detailed description of the project, such as Token sale details, promotional videos, sales hours, and a variety of social links to determine the project's investment enthusiasm. Unlike most ICO calendars, CoinSpectator does not ranking or rating ICOs. Users need to understand and judge the potential of the project through the information and links given. The ICOs section is highly customizable because users can sort the ICOs list with different parameters, such as the launch date and the ICOs expiration date.


You can disclose your ICO project to thousands of crypto fans, traders, and investors. They offer ICO lists, articles/news, and banner ads. You need to send the related information to the administrator for review by Email, but the specific requirements are not given.

Main Features

Simple & Clean Interface

The user interface of CoinSpectator is very simple and easy to understand. When you first enter this website, you will know what you can do here.


Users can vote to express their views on some news and articles and use this to view current market sentiment.

Scams List

Most ICO calendars don't provide this information, but CoinSpectator does it. It warns you when they recommended for you, this is a high-risk investment, and there is no shortage of scammer.

Rich Sources of News

As mentioned earlier, this site has nearly a hundred mainstream news sources, where you can find any information you need and stay focused.


CoinSpectator provides a subscription feature. With the mailbox, you can receive the latest news about the crypto industry as soon as possible, just as easy as reading the daily news.


As a free tool, CoinSpectator is a great option to track breaking news about the cryptocurrencies you care about. This tool is most valuable to traders who make decisions based on rapidly changing market sentiment.

Compared to some competing websites, CoinSpectator provides a platform that is smoother, easier to use and contains more news sources.


What do you think about CoinSpectator? Please leave your comments, questions or?suggestions below. Thanks for reading, check out our site for more great reviews and guides!!


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