CryptoCompare Review: The Ideal Place for You to Understand Cryptocurrencies

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CryptoCompare was founded at the start of 2014 and is headquartered in London, England. CryptoCompare is the ideal place for beginners to understand cryptocurrencies and begin to understand some of the basic concepts behind blockchains. They have more than 5,000 trading pairs and more than 1,000 cryptocurrency or cryptographic assets.

CryptoCompare not only gives you all the data from the exchange, the specifications of different mining equipment and contracts, but also the information on the wallet. They also give you the opportunity to evaluate the products and let others know what you think about them so that other users can easily see the most positive comments and general comments about a particular product or service.

User Interface

When you first enter their homepage, you'll see a rich page with a few charts, a list of featured coins, the latest review, and the hottest topics on the forum. This website provides users with a wealth of information. Everything is presented in a clean layout that is easy to navigate. This platform has been under construction and will add more content over time.

Mining is an integral part of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocompare provides an overview of the different types of cryptocurrencies, wallet providers, exchanges, and mining information, and it also pays close attention to this section, users will see a list of mining companies and their associated ratings.

There are many options to choose from in the wallet part, depending on the type of device the person is using. All wallets have independent reviews and can be categorized by anonymity, security, and ease of use. Bitcoin debit cards are also listed in this section and there is a very comprehensive list to choose from.

Submit Content

If you don't find the content you are interested in CryptoCompare, or if you are a developer of a coin, you can choose to submit your content in CryptoCompare. This is completely free, but it is subject to review by CryptoCompare. As long as altcoin has enough capacity, the team will study its details and put details into it through an internal review process. If the coin is considered worthwhile, it will be added to their list.

Required Information (Submit Cryptocurrency):

  • Name of the Coin
  • Ticker (Example: BTC)
  • Website
  • Description of the coin/project
  • Proof Type
  • Algorithm
  • Total Supply
  • Average Blocktime
  • Block explorer URL (should have a way to get the hash rate and total supply)
  • Github
  • Bitcointalk ANN
  • Social links

Required Information (Submit ICO):

  • Name of the Coin
  • Start Date - End Date
  • Description of the coin/project
  • ICO Stauts
  • ICO Features
  • Funds Raised
  • ICO Price
  • Payment Methods
  • Jurisdiction
  • Legal Adviser
  • Legal Form
  • Security Audit Company
  • Proof Type
  • Algorithm
  • Website

In addition, you can also submit mining companies, mining pool, and wallet. Again, just fill in the relevant information and upload the application form.


Main Features

  • Real live trading
  • Interesting graphs and charts
  • Graphs at the top page
  • Great stuff for beginners: Lots of great information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • Widget Wizard: A little tool that is popular with developers, let you make your own widget then put it on your site
  • Mining device analysis
  • Exchanges rating
  • Popular Wallet review
  • Forum
  • Portfolio: You can find any guides and tutorials you need here
  • Conference Screen: Convenient for data presentation during meetings


While each site offers different content, for most people, password comparison is a relatively special platform. They not only research cryptocurrency but also add the content of mining and wallet to the website. CryptoCompare have an interesting oversight of the performance of various top cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, and exchange rate. Their rich content is a bright spot.


What do you think about CryptoCompare? Please leave your comments, questions or?suggestions below. Thanks for reading, check out our site for more great reviews and guides!!


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