CryptoDiffer: A New ICO Information Website

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As ICO projects become more and more attractive to investors, the competition for ICO information sites is becoming more intense. Created on May 16, 2018,

CryptoDiffer is an ICO information site, the ICO projects in CryptoDiffer is a full list of ICOs rated by top ICO experts.

User Interface

The user interface is very simple, you can find the ICO information you want based on the date or the Alphabet. CryptoDiffer has the following classifications for ICO projects.

  • Live ICO
  • Pre-sale ICO
  • Upcoming ICO
  • Ended ICO
  • Top 15 ICO

Currently, the number of LiveICO is the most. According to different classifications, list the top fifteen ICO projects with higher scores in the Top 15 ICO section.

The most attractive part of the user is the analysis of the ICO project.

The contents displayed in the small box mainly include the project name, the start and end time of the project, Average rating, Your rating, and the funds that the project needs to raise and the funds already raised.

For each ICO project, there is a detailed analysis report.

  • Expert opinions. There is a basic assessment of the direction of the project, and then the data is combined to give the project a score.
  • Similar projects. Introduce some projects similar to the project, and let investors understand the advantages and disadvantages of the project through comparison.
  • Team & Partner. Introduce the members of the team and their background, and gain the trust of investors through the introduction of partners.


Before investing in an ICO project, you need to understand not only the full details of the project and also need to grasp the direction of the development of the entire industry. In this section, the CryptoDiffer team will publish some articles related to the development of the ICO project from time to time, which is also helpful for investors.


Like all websites of the same type, you can display your ICO project on CryptoDiffer by submitting relevant information. This website has a lot of good quality ICO projects. The CryptoDiffer team also has a more objective rating for the project, but many ICO projects are not detailed enough, some are not introduced by the team, some are without relevant information of the partners, and the information is not transparent enough.

I hope this detailed article on the CryptoDiffer will help you in making the right choice for yourself. If you have different views about this article, let us know in the comments!


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