ICO Market Data: A Site Offers Investors Potential Investment Opportunities

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Established on October 23, 2017, ICO Market Data is a comprehensive ICO platform that provides a useful way to filter fraud and understand the current ICO landscape.


User Interface

The user interface is very simple, there are no extra ads to influence you, it divides ICO into the following categories.

  • Active ICOs
  • Upcoming ICOs
  • Presale ICOs
  • Whitelist ICOs
  • Early Bird ICOs

But currently, there are only list projects under the Whitelist ICOs and Early Bird ICOs categories. No information under other categories. The ICO project introduces the name of the project, the available tokens, the funding goal, the ranking, the date of the start, and the social media. As the saying goes: "Early birds will get worms", so in Early Bird ICOs you will find that they have high potential projects in the early stages.

In addition, each listed ICO project has an analysis report, which mainly includes the following points.

  • Detailed introduction to the project
  • Introduction of the founder of the project
  • Team consultants evaluate the entire project
  • Verification of product concepts
  • Token Economics: Token utility and Network effect
  • Business Evaluation: Valuation, Market potential, Competition, Supply sold and Vesting
  • Hype and media presence

The contents of the analysis report are simple and clear, but they are some of the most concerned about investors, that providing investors with a good reference.


ICO Stats

This section describes the return on investment of Previous ICOs. It is divided into the following three major categories.

  • Top USD Returns
  • Top BTC Returns
  • Top ETH Returns

Under each ICO project, you can see the name of ICO, USD Raised, Month, ICO Price, Current USD Price, ROI USD, ROI BTC and ROI ETH. Click on the icon of the ICO project and you will know the details of this ICO project.


Personal Portfolio

Simply add your token to your personal portfolio section to track everything in real time. This is very convenient for users with limited time.

ICO Market Data can provide investors with more potential investment opportunities. The ICO projects here have passed a rigorous review and professional analysis, you can see the details in the analysis report. As a project sponsor, you can show your ICO project on this website, but it needs to be reviewed.

There are a thousand readers with a thousand Hamlet, what do you think about ICO Market Data, let me know.


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