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Today, cryptocurrency has become the most important part of everyone's mind. Many people use the ICO calendar every day to get the latest ICO trends. ICOExaminer happens to be one of them. ICOExaminer is a platform launched in September 2016. The office is located in Hong Kong and provides news, opinions, research, and comments on the blockchain.

Unlike other websites, ICOExaminer does not classify ICOs. Instead, All the ICO projects are placed under the ICO Reviews list in all states. This approach makes the interface slightly messy.  In addition to rating ICOs, ICOExaminer also provides tutorials on ICO-related knowledge.


User Interface

ICOExaminer lists about 60 active, completed and upcoming ICOs on its official website. You can click on any of these ICOs for more details. Each ICO has its own ICOExaminer page.

Once you visit an ICO’s page, you’ll see at-a-glance information like:

  • Token name and acronym
  • Token price
  • ICO platform (like Ethereumor NEO)
  • Country of origin
  • Whitelist and KYC requirements
  • Restricted areas

ICOExaminer also does a detailed writeup on each ICO. You can see the “Overview” section to get general background information about the ICO, for example, and why it could be worth an investment. ICOExaminer’s team will analyze the whitepaper, summarize the information inside, then present it in an easy-to-read way.

ICOExaminer also has separate sections for the team, milestones, financial information, ratings, and social links. You can view the names, faces, and information of anyone involved with the project, for example, along with any stated milestones for the project, any relevant financial information (like the exchange rate during the ICO), and the conclusion from top ICOExaminer analysts.



If you want to list your ICO project on ICOExaminer, you can send an in-site message to contact them and ask for a quote. Click on "contact us" at the bottom of the homepage and leave the key information and the question you want to know and send it. In this part, ICOExaminer did not give detailed explanations and specific requirements, which is not professional enough.


Main Features

Clean Interface

All information at a glance.

Detailed ICO Project Information

The description of each ICO project is in place. You can view all aspects of this project after clicking into a single ICO project. They spent a lot of versions facing them for analysis.

News & Interviews

ICOExaminer not only ratings the ICO project, they also show concern for the entire blockchain industry. In the news and interviews section of the website, you can view a large number of the latest industry news and updates. This is very helpful for investors to judge the market.

Glossary Section

If you don't know enough about the blockchain or the knowledge of the coins, or you are a newcomer who wants to invest in an ICO project, ICOExaminer's glossary section is a great place to learn relevant knowledge. Every major term is explained here to help you improve your understanding of the blockchain.

Learning Section

The recommendations in the reference professional article are the fastest way for beginners to succeed. ICOExaminer provides some tutorials in this section to get you up and running faster.

Community Forum & Blog

You can post comments in forums or blogs, or communicate with other investors.


Overall, ICOExaminer did not give much surprises. Although the evaluation of the ICO project is more serious and detailed than most websites, they do not give specific indicators for rating, and the value of the rating is not high. In addition, there is no convenient submit entry. If you want to list your ICO project on the ICOExaminer homepage, you may need to communicate and negotiate multiple times via email.


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