ICOWatchList Review: ICO & Token Crowdsales List for Token Buyers

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Cryptocurrency is the latest hot topic in the financial world. The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and currently has more than 800 digital currencies and assets on the market with a market capitalization of more than $100 billion. First-issued coins or ICOs are one of the popular media for cryptocurrencies to enter the market.

Founded on June 17, 2017, ICOWatchList has been working on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. Their platform includes reliable cryptocurrency tokens and ICO projects that investors can choose from. They keep updating the list of cryptocurrency and token items. To ensure that visitors get the latest updates. ICOWatchList also assists blockchain entrepreneurs in raising funds for their different phases and getting in touch with interested cryptocurrency investors. The platform is currently accessible via the Web and Android app.

User Interface

The very first page of ICOWatchList clearly represents its objectives. It has a classy look with its beautiful design. It is easy to navigate and understand. All you need to do is move your cursor over to what you want to look at. This page gives you an overview of the website and its functionality, primarily highlighting the three main columns of Active, Upcoming, Ended.

  • The Active column shows you the list of currently active ICOs.
  • the Upcoming column indicates toward the ICOs that are yet to come.
  • the Ended column brings to you the list of ICOs that have already ended.

In addition, when you click into the page of an ICO project, you can view more information related to it, such as Coin Symbol, Platform, Restricted Countries, Total Tokens, Initial Token Price, etc.

ICOWatchList will give information about the ICO project team, and provide relevant news and search trends on this page, allowing investors to refer to the authenticity and popularity of the project.



There are hundreds of attractive ICOs in the online world. You can also use this ICOWatchList platform to introduce your ICO project to the public. ICO Watchlist is an ICO listing platform that helps more and more entrepreneurs display, publish, and provide information on crowdfunding activities for their projects, and provides a platform for crypto investors to find interesting new opportunities in the cryptocurrency economy.

If you want to list your project, all you have to do is send a message about your ICO, and the rest will be done through ICOWatchList. The site focuses on the projects that interest it, and all information has to be reviewed by them.

In addition, they offer paid services, they provide several packages, which determine the visibility of the project on the platform.

Gold package is the highest quality position and they will put your ICO on the front page.

Followed by the silver package. It is worth noting that positions on this page such as gold & silver are sponsored and are not an indicator of the quality of the ICO.


Main Features

Simple and Beautiful Layout

For the user, the site is very friendly and does not require any navigation to get started.

ICO Statistics

This page is dedicated to providing real-time data on ICO projects and providing reliable data support. The data provides an overview of the entire ICO space. The ICO Statistics page gives visitors a clear idea of the ICO industry.

ICO Guides

This section is similar to the FAQ, where you can learn any basic knowledge about ICO and answer questions.


ICO Agencies

If you are looking for a company to help you deploy your ICO and raise money for your startups, this is a good starting point.


ICOWatchList provides investors with detailed information on many ICO projects and contributes to investors' better understanding of the project. Its simple and practical layout is also impressive. But its shortcomings are also very obvious, ICOWatchList just carries the information of the projects to their website without any review and rating. If I don't get any reference here, then obviously, I will consider using other ICO calendar sites, such as ICOBench and ICODrops.


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