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Founded on November 28, 2003, TradingView is almost the world's largest trader community and is the most active social network for traders and investors. It covers all major tradable assets: stocks, foreign exchange, indices, cryptocurrencies, and futures. You can talk to millions of traders around the world to discuss trading ideas.

TradingView has all the charting tools so you can share and view trading ideas. Real-time data and browser-based charts let you can do the research anywhere. Just open the trading view on any modern browser and start drawing charts, learning and sharing trading ideas! Read more about the wide range of chart features. For beginners, this is a simple and intuitive thing, and for advanced chart analysts, this is very powerful.

In addition to the Web, TradingView also supports iOS systems, you can download the official app in the App Store. Currently, there are more than 3M investors on TradingView, Ideas published 1.9M+, charts created 12M.

User Interface & User Experience

The first impression of a person may be that the platform looks very basic, and it is true. Basic enough to make it easy for novice traders to use it. However, once you realize the potential of customization, it will grow quickly on you. When you enter this website, you can see them and their professional design style. TradingView not only provides cryptocurrency related data, they also provide a large number of useful tools and advanced charts, as well as the in-depth analysis of Bitcoin and altcoins with pro charts published by some professional traders. Reading these articles and diagrams is very helpful for a beginner's growth, but it is a little bit difficult too. If you want to try to create a chart yourself, they offer 50+ intelligent drawing tools.

You can share your idea on the TradingView or view the ideas published by others. This is a social platform. Anyone can post their opinions here and discuss them with other users. At the same time, this is also a perfect place to learn to invest. In the classification of the cryptocurrency market, you can view real-time data of a coin, such as market capitalization, change, traded volume, etc. You can also check out some of the author's recently released views and predictions. If you are not satisfied with the underlying data, you can click on the crypto screener, where there are a large number of professional indexes for reference. In general, TradingView is a website that meets the needs of users at different levels.


TradingView has a fee-based content similar to membership. If you just want to view data and articles, then it is free. But if you want to use the large number of professional charts and tools it provides, you will need to recharge. They have three different plans for users with different needs. Different plans have differences in permission.

  • Free: good for one chart at a time with indicators.
  • Pro: great option to start and add a few more features to your experience (at $9.95/month)
  • Pro Plus: pretty much all the features a trader could need and it’s unlimited
  • Premium: includes a couple of fancy features such as SMS alerts

Main Features

Best HTML5 Charts

TradingView is intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced investors. Whether to simply look up the latest stock price, or analyze price patterns with scripts - we’ve got you covered.


Learn and Share

One of the most important features of the platform is that you can learn from professional traders. Not only do you get the signal of the current deal, you also get the chance to learn from the most successful traders. Get their strategies and suggestions through their shared posts and alerts. Many enthusiastic professional traders share their analysis with very descriptive pictures. You can even talk to them personally because this is a community platform like Facebook.

Professional Chart Tools

Tradingview charts are widely used in branch offices, and many exchanges use their chart widgets because you can embed it on your website. For the exchange, this is certainly a good idea, because writing your own chart with all the tools is much more expensive than simply using a chart that is as professional as TradingView.

Lots of Chart Types

Publish Trading Ideas and Get Better at Trading

Better trade and investment by observing what others are doing. You can view the published opinions and view the predicted results.

Practice Bitcoin Trading in Demo Mode

If you are a beginner and are not very skilled at Bitcoin trading, you can use this feature to practice.


The platform is easy to organize and provides a great user experience. The social media aspect of the site does help it shine because it allows you to understand how others see the market. This helps to create TradingView as a collaborative environment.


What do you think about TradingView? Please leave your comments, questions or?suggestions below. Thanks for reading, check out our site for more great reviews and guides!!



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